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Professional IT Training in sri lanka - adventa holdings

Expert IT professionals of Team Adventa will be sharing their knowledge and experiences to empower you, with technical skills and certifications, while improving the art of human interactions. We are providing unique training sessions to address the different IT needs of you in Sri Lanka.

IT for Non-IT Managers

Since 2012, we have delivered IT training for hundreds of corporates from different industries, who don’t have much IT knowledge. Our target is to provide management with the IT knowledge and tools to make good IT decisions. Today managers couldn’t complete their tasks without IT knowledge. Managers need to know how to utilize their resources, understand what we can do for them, and manage professionals appropriately.

We, Adventa identified the practical need of IT for Non-IT Managers and provide the best professional workshops without expert IT professionals.

Below mentioned parties can participate in this training

How to Become an IT Leader

One of the most important thing to become a leader is to focus on developing critical leadership competencies early in your life. It is important that you challenge yourself to discover who you are and what you want. You can do this by rationally trying to figure out your strengths and weaknesses.

In our organization, you can learn to know about the different leadership styles or behaviours and their significance and uses in the hour of need, Recognize the leadership traits in themselves, Learn to lead in the most conflicting and stressful situations, Create amicable relationships to meet professional objectives.

Team Adventa’s experts are sharing their knowledge in the sessions, especially to bring out what is inside you.

The most important thing is anyone can participate in this training individually. We are encouraging students who are doing their A/L’s and Students who are looking to start their higher studies to participate in the workshops.

Digital Tourism Workshop

Adventa provides digital support to the marketing professionals as well as the small and medium entrepreneurs in the industry in Sri Lanka. Through the workshops, we provide knowledge about the best digital practices to enhance the customer experience. Today, the tourism sector has been fundamentally architected with social media, mobile and E-Commerce strategies over this past decade. Therefore marketers should understand these new dynamics and underlying technology that is transforming business by dramatically altering the way people communicate, create, collaborate, share information, purchase and complete other transactions.

We are giving you to understand the “digital tourist” and how to market effectively when developing new marketing strategies, understand the main digital techniques (paid media, mobile, social media, content, listening and etc…) and “best practices” in the tourism sector, understand the drivers of digital strategic plan and identify opportunities in a tourism company, define a digital tourism business scorecard, realistic objectives and expected results; as well prioritize the KPIs for the strategy.

Below mentioned parties can participate in this workshop

Online Presence Development

An online presence is any existence of an individual or business that can be found via an online search. Presence only has value to you if you engage, share, and discuss topics of interest to you. Web, Social Media, Blogging and Search Engine Optimization. Adventa has given a great opportunity to create a good image about you or your company name or brand and loyalty among the people and competitor.

Therefore it helps to grow you as a leader locally or internationally.

Key Benefits of Online Presence Development Workshops;

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